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New hardware / accessories for modding consoles and repairing them

I just linked up with a new wholesale website and was simply astonished with their inventory .  I will start to keep in stock various tech for modding/hacking/repairing/accessories and more after the break.
I will carry the new E3 Card Reader Micro SD/TF Card Reader PS3 Dongle with 128KB Flash & PS3 Yes Pro Dongle for PS3 (Atmel /Downgrader) for all PS3 Systems . I will aso carry Hybrid 2-in-1 Digitally Activated Pandora PSP 2000 Unbricker Service + Normal 1200mAh Battery, I have a little tutorial I'll post shortly on how to modify this battery to work for all PSP versions Fat & Slim. For the Nintendo DS Line up i'll carry R4ids RTS Revolution Card Adapter for NDSi XL/LL NDSi NDSL DS (supports v 1.42) . I will start keeping these in stock at great prices & offer installation/setup.  I will start adding a couple new products every week ( dealing with gaming:hacking/modding/repair/spare parts/games ) , Computer , Laptop , & Tablet PC Parts & Accessories .  I will also begin offering security cameras ( pinhole sized , infared , nightvision , motion detection , audio booster  hear through walls , & tons of car touchscreen navigation / bluetooth / fm radio / movie playback / all in one units from 2.5" screens to 8" screens . I'll attach some pictures as soon as the first order gets in .


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