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Remote Control Robots & More with Android

This is really cool & opens up a world of options.  I'm in the planning/mockup stages of my own Android Controlled Vehicle.  I will be using a HTC Droid Eris & a RC Helicopter ( actually classified as a U.A.V ).  My plan involvels dissasembling the Droid Eris and mounting the various parts including the battery so that they add as little weight as possible since i want it to fly, plus mount the camera lens on the nose of the RC so I can attempt to pilot the craft using the Live Video Feed + GPS & other Sensor's information to keep it on course & attempt a landing that doesn't result in catastrophe .  Check these guys out though , they have done a lot of the leg work for me. After the break.

Running Android on large touch screen displays

Forget Microsoft Surface, what do you think about having a 32-inch Android-powered touchscreen display in your living room? That possibility might not be too far off, thanks to the engineers over at SKR Technology in Japan. Primarily a company that designs and builds digital signage, they were approached by several customers who wanted a large screen device that had multi-touch functionality similar to a smartphone. Since they frequently work with Windows, they tried building a solution around Windows 7, but it just didn’t function as smoothly as they would like. Instead they turned towards Android, but were disappointed to find out that none of their suppliers supported the OS. Instead of scrapping the project, they build their own interface that allows an Android-powered device to interact with multi-touch displays. As you can see in the video embedded below the display works quite well, mirroring everything on the Android device’s screen. While the product is not yet available commerc…

New Editing Features in Eclipse plug-in for Android

New Editing Features in Eclipse plug-in for AndroidPosted by Xavier Ducrohet, Android SDK Tech Lead on 06 June 2011 at 4:30 PM At the Google I/O conference a month ago, we demonstrated the next version of the Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin. Today we’re happy to announce that version 11 is done and available for download! ADT 11 focuses on editor improvements. First, it offers several new visual refactoring operations, such as “Extract Include” and “Extract Style,” which help automatically extract duplicated layout fragments and style attributes into reusable layouts, styles, and themes. Second, the visual layout editor now supports fragments, palette configurations, and improved support for custom views. Last, XML editing has been improved with new quick fixes, code completion in more file types and many “go to declaration” enhancements. ADT 11 packs a long list of new features and enhancements. Please visit our ADT page for more details. For an in-depth demo, check out the video o…

Amazing Artificial Intelligence Bot Capable of Learning, Holding Conversations, Etc..

Check out .  It's a cool site where you can interact with a A.I. Bot that can learn/be taught, & interact with you as if it was a real person. The more you teach it the better it's responses will get, I know of one such Bot that actually tricked millions of Facebook & Twitter Users that it was a real person for over a month

Products for Sale !! New Section Coming !!

I will be adding a Page with various products we have for sale locally in Houston, TX .  We will eventually expand our lineup to provide services & products to a larger area, but hey yeah have to start somewhere!

So please click on the Products Page & check out what we have in stock , it should change pretty often.