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New Phenom Crossfire Gaming System in Stock !!

We have just finished putting together the first couple prototype high end desktop's at the shop .  It will be configurable so you can change the memory, hard drive, cpu, & video cards but it's Smoking Fast in our Pre-Configured Version. Here are the quick specks.

AMD Phenom X4 965 Black Edition CPU with Unlocked Multiplier 3.4ghz stock ( over 4ghz if your crazy )
8gb DDR3 OCZ Overclocked memory with gold heat spreaders
2 X ATI 5770 video cards with 2gb ddr5 memory, directx 11 support, bluray 1080p full HDCP support
2 X 64gb SSD hard drives in a raid 0 configuration
2 terabyte internal sata 3.5in hard drive
wireless n built in
gigabit ethernet
BlueRay Player / DVDRW Double Layer Disc Drive
CoolerMaster CM690 v.2 case
CoolerMaster 500watt SLI/Crossfire Certified power supply
50in1 media card reader

Running Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit , with Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus 64 bit , & AVG Professional Antivirus installed . I'll post some pics shortly


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