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Sony Xperia Play : Mini Review

I just recieved my Sony Xperia Play , I've been eagerly awaiting the release of this unit ever since the first leaked screen shots appeared online.  The packaging is pretty standard but it's a Verizon release so I wasn't expecting much.  Once I opened it up I found the unit , battery , usb data cable , charger , & headset adapter.  I plugged in the battery & powered it on, my first nag is that it is only running 2.3.2, not the 2.3.3 I was expecting it to ship with but I was assured a OTA Update is coming very soon.  So I pushed out the slide out game pad & the Xperia Play App launched showcasing the 7 games included ( Madden 2011, Bruce Lee, Crash Bandicoot, Sims 3, Asphalt 6, Star Battalion, & BattleField Bad Company 2 ) + a section showcasing other games optimized for the Xperia ready for online purchase / install ( Nova 2, Modern Combat 2, Avatar, Splinter Cell, Spiderman, Assassin's Creed, & more ). I tapped on Madden & was prompted to enable wifi & download the remaining portion of the game ( all Xperia games save only a small portion on the internal memory card & then connect to a server to authenticate & download the rest of the game wich is stored on your external sd card ).  It was quick & soon I was playing Madden 2011, as good / maybe even a bit better looking than the PSP version.  I had to test out the rest of the games so I went through the same click then download process, Asphalt 6, BattleField 2, & Star Battalion looked & played awesome in my opinion ( they will be regulars on my system ) while the other games played just fine, Crash Bandicoot even got a graphics upgrade from it's PSOne version, they just aren't my thing.  I downloaded Nova 2, Assassin's Creed, Let's Golf 2, Fifa 2011, Avatar, Radiant HD, & Super K.O. Boxing 2 all of wich played great ( by great I mean much better than on any other Android or Iphone for that matter device ). The controls where excellent, graphics top notch, Sony definately got it right.  My only big complaint about the device is the undersized internal storage, almost all mid-high end Android devices are shipping with around 8gb internal or more so I was shocked & dissapointed when I started running into low memory warning's & I hadn't even installed my emulators or standard games like Angry Birds Series. I will update the post tomorrow after some more time playing around, I love it we just need a working ROOT / Custom Rom to polish things off.


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