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Hello World

This is my first attempt at actual programming for the Android & PS3 Platforms .  I have a lot of experience hacking the devices , rooting , unlocking , custom roms & firmwares so I will still cover some of this stuff as well .  I am going to start by creating a couple of themes for each platform & then move on to basic apps / games .  I will also try my hand at porting some software .  Stay tuned for updates & lots of Downloads .



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RemoteTech mobile cross platform web application under development @ Elite Pc Guru.  It's in the early stages of development now but we aim to bring 24/7 remote technical support via live chat or video messenging.  Open accessability through any web browser + native apps for mobile devices.  We will have Certified Technicians available to troubleshoot & assist you on all your mobile & computing needs.  A " How to " , " Q&A " , " downloads " , & " forum " will be added as time permits.  You can keep up with the latest news & developments " ".